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What a pathetic turnout for the wedding. I mean these guys are Hortons, Bradys AND Kiriakis….that’s all the family and friends they could round up? And speaking of which, NONE of their gay friends attended this thing? This seems so odd considering Sonny especially has a lot of them and they’ve been supportive. I mean even Maxine from the hospital was invited

OMG, Nikolas ripped into Liz good and READ her ass. Called her out on being a hypocritical coward who has destroyed lives yet sits on her perch judging everyone else. The best part was that he told her to get the hell out of his house. Was NOT expecting this but LMAO at the insanity of it all. Liz, you LOSE!


Smiling with glee thinking she’s gonna bust up Britt and Nik


Looking like a fool as her plan doesn’t quite work out how she wanted it too

Robin’s Exit is BS

Im glad Patrick called Robin out on her crock of sh-t. Did not expect to hear her tell him the truth. Wow  it almost feels worse bc she is telling him that she is choosing Jason over he and their daughter. Robin is so stupid. How does she know that Victor wont keep if she doesn’t produce results? What a bitch. She choosing to save Jason’s life was what put her in a position to be taken from Emma and Pat the last time and she’s going to willingly choose to do it again? Today was the beginning of their divorce as far as Im concerned. She has NO defense. NO justification. Patrick should have told her to STFU and don’t come back

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