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WTF?!? This is still supposed to be a hospital.

So we are suppose to get 8 plot twists.

1. Peter Harrell is alive!

2. Peter Harrell is dead!

3. Peter Harrell Jr is dead!

4. Stavros is alive!

5. Victor is dead!

6. Sikes! Victor is not dead!

7. Nah, he’s still dead

8. Stavros is dead!

9. Robin’s back!

10. Everyone’s gonna die! YAY!

they just keep coming

His facial expressions were just crazy

YAAASSSSS honey! I don’t get the pacing though with them putting the brakes on them. You’d think they’d push forward with Jason and Robin on their way back

Im confused as hell about Nathan’s paternity. His acting most definitely has not improved

These “How to Get Away with Murder” images are perfectly placed

Oh boy! I cant with her interacting with a mime.

Is ANYONE awake while editing this show? How is Lulu going to be in a hospital gown when Anna first busts into the room yet after the commercial break, Anna still hasn’t entered the room and Lulu is fully dressed? WTF?!?

Today’s GH (9/15/14)

Anna said there are 4 people being held captive. Um what ever happened to the cops that were with Dante and Nathan. Does she really not care about them?


Always with the stupid look on his face

OMG, the editing on this show is ABYSMAL!


Why did he react to being shot before he was shot?


And as seen in the above gif, he fell to the ground TOWARDS Maxie. Why is he standing away from her in the next scene? WTF?


Im not even touching this one


Good timing!

Victor’s DNA test was negative? Of course. As I suspected, I think Obrecht’s baby was switched and Nathan belongs to Anna and Duke


So are they going to go the plastic surgery route? Why else would they show pictures of Steve Burton when the role has been recast?


What is Ellie doing with Stavros?



LMAO at this lame gala. They are waltzing in a storage room bc they cant afford a ballroom. Instead of having Marlena give her monologue in a ballroom full of people we got to see Aidan, Hope and the priest watch her on a tv in the storage room with a laugh track. Embarassing. This is what happens when you spend months planning a big party with no budget to back it up.

Chemistry! Finally some movement.

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