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LMAO at this lame gala. They are waltzing in a storage room bc they cant afford a ballroom. Instead of having Marlena give her monologue in a ballroom full of people we got to see Aidan, Hope and the priest watch her on a tv in the storage room with a laugh track. Embarassing. This is what happens when you spend months planning a big party with no budget to back it up.

Chemistry! Finally some movement.

Everything that came out of Sonny’s mouth was complete and utter BULLSH-T! He has done everything he has to protect his sons? I was rolling my eyes when Duke said “if only your sons knew what you were willing to sacrifice for their sake”. Their sake? Sonny is doing this all for HIS sake. He doesn’t want to go to jail for AJ’s murder nor wants to be responsible for killing his child or grandchild. His kids have NOTHING to do with thi

What a STUPID line

Liz to Ric: “Is it just me or does it seem like every year it seems as if something is going to go wrong with the Nurses Ball and Lucy swoops in to save it.”

This would be fine except for the fact that the NB was cancelled after 2001 and Ric came to town in 2003. He wasn’t around for it being brought last year so having never attended one, how would he know? Ric’s followup line was equally stupid

Ric: “I don’t know. I think this one will be my favorite one of all”

Really? More like his first and only one   

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